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Fri, Jul 17, 2015 10:59 PM

gophone Balance, data option, balance expiration, rollover,

I am one of those gophone users currently outside the Us that wants to keep his gophone account& number active and uses the SIM every few months or so.


Last time I refilled with 100 USD to keep the account active for 1 year (plus 60 days grace period to reactivate the account/number). Current balance about 80 USD and with 2 weeks use in September down to about 50. Expires October 23rd.


a) if I want to book the data option 1 USD/100MB within 24 h will this dollar be subtracted from my gophone balance or be charged separately (so 3 USd per day with datsa instead of 2?)

b) depending on the answer to a) I will have about 50 or 20 USd in my balance by expiration of my original USD100 refill.  

When I refill with another 100USD the whatever remaining balance will roll over as well, correct?


c) As i will be in the US in September it is tempting to refill in September (to avoid out of sight out of mind syndrome 😉 ). However, is it correct that e.g. a 100 USD refill on Sep 15 2015 will extend only to Sep 14 2016 i.e. will NOT be added to the latest current expiration date Oct 23. So, if the goal is to stretch as long as possible it is best to refill just in time (before 3 days of refill expiration) in our to roll over any remaining balance and to extend the usage window into the future as far as possible?



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5 years ago

Hello @jk2015,


 Thank you for coming to the AT&T Community Forums!  I understand that you want to know the best way of keeping your phone number active while you are outside of the US.

There are a few points I would like to share with you so you are aware of expiration dates, roll over, and cost for GoPhone Accounts:

  • Account Expiration dates do not stack up on top of your current account expiration. 
    • Example: You currently have 3 months left until your account expires but you decided to add $100 refill today (7/21/2015).  Your account expiration date is now 1 year from 7/21/2015.  You do not keep the 3 months you had left before it expired.
  • Account Usage Balances do accumulate when adding refills (talk and text for example)
  • If your Account Balance reaches $0.00, the account will close in 60 days, regardless of if you initially had a $100 refill that would have lasted a year. 
    • While you are not using your GoPhone, I would recommend that you change your monthly plan to one that is the lowest cost. This will prevent you needing to refill frequently and also save you money.


Thank you,


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