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Wednesday, October 5th, 2016 8:47 PM

GoPhone Account Managmemet

Can anyone from ATT comment as to wether there are any future plans to allow managment of a GoPhone account from ones existing ATT account?  I have several post paid ATT lines and one additional GoPhone Pre paid line and I would really like to manage them all together but right now Go Phone is a completely different system.

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7 years ago

Hi @Jbharper2!


Great question!


At this time, there are no plans to combine prepaid and postpaid management under one portal. They are two completely different entities from a back office perspective. The services for both are completely different, so they operate under two separate portals.


That being said, we do listen to our customers and value your input. This suggestion will forwarded to the powers that be for consideration.


Thank You


Bradilynn, AT&T Community Specialist

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