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Sun, Jul 12, 2020 3:43 PM

Frustrating trying to port to new PREPAID acct

Received new phone from PREPAID with port request but no service on new phone and can't create online billing acct :

Port Results



Your number transfer/port request has been confirmed by your previous service provider.

Your port status is:
Your SIM card is activeGood news! You can skip the activation process.
yet only OLD phone with old carrier is able to make/receive calls.
Can't signup for billing acct with ATT either, just get useless error msg.



The information provided is not valid. Please try again.


When I try to call your customer service, they ask "are you a current customer", I say NO, then they ask for my wireless number, which of course is NOT registered yet as an AT&T account, and they refuse to let me talk to a person.   This is VERY VERY FRUSTRATING dealing with AT&T.  Long time customer of your largest competitor, decided to try AT&T and starting to feel it's a mistake.   Please help.   


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22 days ago

Boy is this forum useless.  Went to Reddit and found help there for above issue :

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