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Wednesday, June 27th, 2018 1:56 PM

Charged by AT&T without my knowledge, currently in UK and support number not working. Please help!

I study in the US but live in the UK, and while in the US I use the AT&T Prepaid service. I am back in the UK for summer vacation, and this month, AT&T charged my account without my knowledge or consent (I do not have autopay) and the UK support number isn't working (constantly on hold). I can't find an online chat service, since it says it is unavailable for Prepaid service. What can/should I do? 

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5 years ago

How did you get charged without autopay? By “account”, do you mean bank account or prepaid account? If you had a balance on your prepaid account, it would automatically be used to renew your plan. That is not autopay. Anyway, your only option is to call. You can ask the rep to call you back to avoid running up long distance charges.

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