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Monday, July 7th, 2014 6:45 AM

Changed my GoPhone Plan and data stopped working - Galaxy S3 mini

I changed my plan this weekend from the 25$ basic plan to the 45$ plan and the data is no longer working. Tried calling ATT and all the helping tools here, anyone has an idea of what can be the issue?

The H and 3G symbol is showing in the top but nothing works. My phone is a Galaxy S3 mini



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9 years ago

Hi @lauraaot 


The Galaxy SIII Mini is a smartphone and requires to have one of our Smartphone data plans in order for the device to work with data. The $25 Monthly Plan does not include data for any device. The $45 monthly plan includes data for basic phones only, not a smartphone such as the Galaxy SIII Mini. 


Your options to get data would be to go onto the $40 Monthly Plan which includes:


  • 500 Minutes of Calling 
  • Unlimited Text Messaging 
  • 500MB of Data

Or the $60 Monthly Plan which includes: 


  • Unlimited Calling
  • Unlimited Text Messaging 
  • 2.5GB of Data

You can learn more about our GoPhone options by clicking Here


Hope this helps!

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