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Tuesday, September 27th, 2022 8:29 AM


Can’t take my number to prepaid?

I’ve been an ATT customer for 29 years, with the same cell number on a monthly plan.

Decided to check out prepaid 16gig $25.00 a month, pay $300.00 up front for the whole year.  Sounds easy enough right?

To make sure everything would go as planned I called the technicians that would do the transport and porting, they are in the P.I. I believe and sound like they know their stuff.

This was my request,  Go from ATT monthly plan to the $300.00 prepaid up front plan and Keep My Number and my phone.

   No problem, the techs said and I worked with them for over an hour to set it up.

Over the next 4 days I was on the phone for a total of 9 hours and at the store twice. 4 of the hours on the phone were at the store on the last day.

  Did I mention that I put in telephone systems for a living since 1977, interconnect, anyway the techs in the P.I. all assured me that all this could be accomplished.

I know it can because I do it on my customers systems, even with remote call fed.     But No.

Some how I ended up on a $30.00 a month prepaid plan with 5gigs with my number, and out $300.00 dollars for all of work lots of good technicians did to No avail.

       Give Me My $300 DOLLARS BACK ATT! 
(Edited per community guidelines) It!

   There’s two other companies who can do the same thing at the same cost.

    How about it people?


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2 years ago

The $300 one year plan is a promotion to add new customers to AT&T prepaid. You cannot purchase that plan as an existing customer and keep your number. You have to Port out to a different service provider and then purchase the $300 plan online and Port back in. Something that AT&T employees should have told you. 


The only way to go from postpaid to prepaid is by having your number migrated in a corporate store. You cannot migrate a number and purchase the plan which specifically says it is online only. 

Your  $300 purchase has an order number, do you still have it? 



Because AT&T doesn't refund prepaid generally, pick a cheap prepaid option that you can Port to, and port back from  in 2 weeks.  T-mo has a cheap pay per use.  Tello is $5.   

   Porting your phone number requires the account number and the security PIN code for each.

Once you have ported back into AT&T prepaid, you call and have the order number for the $300 plan activated. ⤵️


1. Sign up via website and fill in all appropriate information including porting info, shipping address, credit card, etc. SIM card may be shipped overnight via FedEx.

     (your sim has a temporary number) 

2. Once you receive your SIM card and have your phone ready, call 866 975 0050 to activate via phone and have your AT&T Order # handy.
4. Explain you'd like to activate your service, PORT YOU NUMBER with account and pin code from other carrier. 

and provide phone number, SIM card and IMEI. The agent will then ask you for payment to activate service.
5. \*\*THIS IS IMPORTANT\*\* To avoid getting double charged, tell them you've already provided that when you ordered and tell them they can do this via your AT&T Order #. Provide that to them and do NOT provide a credit/debit card to them.
6. If they claim they can't do this, ask to speak with a supervisor or someone else. Your account will be activated and within 30 minutes or so the payment of $300 + taxes will get charged to your credit card you provided during the initial order. Your service will not work until this payment is applied, but in my experience it took anywhere from 5 min to 25 min.
7. Once this is complete, you can setup your account online and manage your account via the website:  [](

If you provided a credit card number and end up getting charged twice, call the AT&T Payments/Refunds line at: 866 608 3007 and they will look up your account and process the refund.

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