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Sunday, August 17th, 2014 5:39 AM

Cannot refill prepaid "Pay as you go" account via web page!

OMG, this is so (expletive) unbelievably ridiculous.  All I am trying to do is refill my AT&T Pay as You Go GoPhone account balance, via the web page, using a prepaid gophone card that I purchased at the store.  I have done this perfectly fine for the last 8 months and now it is BROKEN beyond belief!  And you can't ask for help via the "Live Chat" function, because -- guess why?  You HAVE TO SIGN UP FOR AN AT&T ACCOUNT -- AND YOU CAN'T DO THAT UNLESS THEY HAVE YOU ON RECORD AS A BILLABLE CUSTOMER!

When I go to the web site that is listed on the prepaid card -- -- I have the option of registering for an account, or signing up for "auto-pay" -- neither of which I want to do.  But OK, those are my only two options, lets give them a shot.  

Option one -- try to register for an account.  I put in my phone number and "billing zip code" (which doesn't exist, since I'm not being "billed").  But anyway, I give it a try.  I then get an "error" page, with instructions that say "GoPhone Users click here to login with your telephone number and 4 digit PIN" (YAY, this is what I'm looking for!).  I click "here" and guess where it takes me?  RIGHT BACK TO THE SAME DANG PAGE I STARTED AT!

Option #1 didn't work, so lets try option number 2 "Auto Refill".  I click on the "Get started" button.  I click on the "login" link and put in my phone number and 4 digit pin (yay, this is looking somewhat promising!)  I get logged in, but my only options for adding "money/packages" to my account are to give up a CC/DEBIT/Checking account number -- not happening!

After much more browsing around and trying to find a way to login to my account, I find this "help" page:

  "Refill your GoPhone account"

It has teasing links that say "Refill online now!" and promises that I can pay using a "refill" card that I purchased at a store.  But guess what.  When I click on that oh so teasing link, guess where it takes me.  You guessed it.  Right back to the same dang page that I started at 45 minutes ago!

On the "Contact Us" page, under the "GoPhone No Annual Contract" section, there is a link to "Refill your Balance"  I'll let you take another guess as to where it takes me...

I ALSO used to be able to login at (It used to be that after going to, you would eventually end up at to manage your account info).  But guess where that takes me now...  The same dang page -- !

SURELY, I can't be the ONLY person that wants to refill my account via the web page.  Can somebody PLEASE get the web page sorted out so that I can refill/manage my account using my pre-paid refill card.  What the heck!?!?  Do the people that create the web pages not pay any attention to what they are doing?  Or is this some kind of evil plan to phase out the prepaid refill cards and get you use the auto-pay option and give up your DEBIT/CREDIT/Checking info?  I'm sure I can call the 866 number on the back of the card and add the $60 credit that way (or end up getting in touch with customer service like I did last month because of the same issue that I'm ranting about now).  But I don't want to do that -- I would really prefer that they fix the web site.  Maybe I want to look at my account/call history -- but I can't even do that now!

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10 years ago

Hello, playmeforafool!


Thanks for posting. I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble refilling your account with the new GoPhone site. We would be happy to help, so please click here to send us a private message.


In your message, please provide your name, phone number, email address, and the best time to reach you. You can expect a reply within two business days, so keep an eye on the little blue envelope icon in the top right corner of your screen.


In the meantime, feel free to message me with any other questions or concerns.





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10 years ago

In case anyone else is wondering, you can now go to and login to refill your account with a prepaid card.


If you want to try to get to the page via the advertised link, you have to attempt to register for an account. It will then tell you that you can't and give you the link above where you can now REALLY login with your phone number/pin.  At least they got that link fixed to send you to the right place now, instead of looping you back around to the beginning.  Hopefully they'll get rid of that silly step of having to pretend/try to register for an att account and prominently display the link where you can login and refill your account.




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8 years ago

I have four pre-paid accounts. I can access three accounts online and have them entered into automatic refill. The fourth account has me locked out and I can not refill or enter the account into auto refill online. This is the error message I get each time I try. "Error! - You can refill online using a refill card or pin. To refill with a credit card/debit card or e-check, please call 611 or 800.901.9878 to speak with a represenative". I know I can update the account information over the phone, but would prefer to manage the account online.

Please help!

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