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Tuesday, January 12th, 2016 5:57 PM

Auto Refill Unsuccessful. Forced to pay full price

I am new to AT&T and to the GoPhone plans.

I had high expectations of AT&T coming from Verizon but I see that they're equally disappointing when it comes to conducting business.

I really hope somebody from the AT&T end can solve this problem.


I am currently enrolled in the $45 GoPhone plan. Immediately after signing up, I enrolled in Auto-Refill.

I got the text messages confirming that I've enrolled successfully, and later a text saying that I will be charged $40.

Today, I receive a text message saying that my auto-refill was unsuccessful (tomorrow is my payment due date).


When I try to add another form of payment on the website, it won't let me, saying that I need to do it 2 days prior to the due date.


They want me to pay $45 again this month and enroll for auto-refill again for the next month.


I called support and they said that this is because I linked my auto-refill to my checking account. Apparently this poses a known problem but you guys didn't bother removing this option or at least warning us of potential problems.


Now, I am forced to pay $45 AGAIN, and am supposed to hope that they won't completely scam me again and charge me $45 again the following month.


Unfortunately, I will have to pay $45 again this month since I need to use my phone, but the feeling of getting completely ripped off won't disappear. I demand a $5 credit towards my next bill and that you revise your auto-refill page so that this doesn't happen to anyone else again.


Unless, of course, you do this on purpose to steal $5 from your customers.

I am hoping that AT&T is a trustworthy company and will make sure to not disappoint me again.


Meanwhile, please fix this.

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8 years ago

Hi there @kmyung91


I'm sorry to hear you had issues with Auto Refill; we'd be glad to look into this further for you.


Please send a private message by clicking here including your name, wireless number, and the best time to reach you.






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7 years ago

Hi. I am a tourist. I visited LA and told the AT&T employee at the Marina Del Ray store that I was only in LA for 2 weeks and I wanted a phone. After a 25 hour flight, all I wanted to do was to go home. The employee filled out the paperwork and just told me to give my credit card to pay. When I got back, I was charged on 5 May for the phone that I had activated on 7 April. Thereafter, I was charged again in June. I forgot that I had already been charged once, and thought that this was a late charge because I was using an overseas credit card. I got charged again in July - I called AT&T customer service, who confirmed that I could get a refund. They put me through to the payment supervisor, who refused to refund me and just kept repeating that it was because of the Terms and Conditions that I had signed. She just kept saying it over and over again as if I was stupid just because I was a tourist. Is this how AT&T treats its customers, esp those that use the pay as you go phone. She even said I should have called earlier and it was all my fault that I didnt and they were not going refund me for the months that I had been charged, even though I said that I had left the US and could show her my passport (and also she could check the call logs on the phone). It is disgraceful and horrible treatment of customers and I was so embarrassed that she kept repeating this one line to me. She even said she couldnt help the fact that the customer service officer assured me that I would get a refund - this is two counts of very poor service on the part of AT&T and AT&T should be taking responsibility for lapses in its employees conduct!!!! I would like a refund!

ACE - Sage


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7 years ago

You shouldn't have been on auto refill.  Stop the payments on your banks end.




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7 years ago

Hi, it was not auto refill - it was auto recharge. Since I called AT&T (and
was billed international calling rates), they said they have stopped the
auto recharge. But the fact of the matter is, I was billed for 3 months
WHEN I DID NOT EVEN USE THE SERVICE!!! And I was promised a refund by the
customer service officer, but the payment supervisor refused to give me a
refund. Pls help!
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