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Saturday, August 6th, 2022 6:56 PM

AT&T Prepaid hasn't transferred my number!

After numerous phone calls and 2 visits to an AT&T store, my phone number has yet to be transferred over to AT&T Prepaid. I would like some help and to get this resolved ASAP.  It is very interesting that AT&T doesn't let you email them, and they don't seem to keep records of your calls to them.  Very frustrating, especially since I paid them a good deal of money to be their customer.

It was a corporate store. And they told me it would be resolved when I visited but it has not (they were trying to get me out of the store). It has been almost a month and I has not. I switched from tracfone to AT&T prepaid and tracfone approved my number to be ported but it still hasn’t after almost a month. 

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1 year ago

Is your phone number still active on TracFone? Which means you would still be paying for service.   Have you provided AT&T with a correct information in order to Port your number from TracFone? I understand TracFone makes it a little difficult because your account number, security pin code, and sometimes the ZIP code you use when your first signed up are information used to double check the account is yours.

With the correct information there is no reason AT&T corporate store could not Port your number in a matter of a few minutes. If you have gone to a store and they have not been able to accomplish this, have they told you why?

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