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Fri, Jul 1, 2022 5:16 AM

AT&T cancelled my prepaid account and gave the number to someone else without notice.

AT&T shut down 3G network in February and cancelled my prepaid account.  Furthermore AT&T gave my number away to someone else.  AND AT&T continued to bill me the monthly charge in March and April (2 months extra). 

I have used AT&T prepaid phone service for at least 6 years and I have been using a AT&T's regular cell phone service too.   Recently, when I returned from a 6 weeks trip I noticed that "no service" on my iPhone 5.  I could not log into my account either.  I had at least $300-$400 credits since I almost never used this phone to make phone calls.  I called 800 number and found out my account had been cancelled and AT&T had given away my phone to someone else.  They said there was no record of my "previous account" so they could not even check if I had the account nor I had credit $$$.  

I requested 3 things:  

1) retune my number to me

2) return my credit $$$

3) give me a new SIM card with the plan I had. 

I was able to speak with a manager after waited for a long time.  She said AT&T could not do #1 and #2.  #1 my number has been already given away to someone else!  #2 they have no record of me having the prepaid account.  The only thing I could do was to go to a local AT&T office and show my ID.  And the local representative could call #611 and I could possibly get a new SIM card with the plan I had.  What is the point of going there knowing that no one will help me and that I will not get the credit $$ back.  

I am very very frustrated and disappointed in AT&T.  Shutting down 3G is happening in many countries I believe.  Other companies in other countries do everything they can to reach their customers who are still using 3G.  They don't cancel their customers' accounts and do not give away their phone numbers to others.  For example Softbank in Japan, even if they cannot reach their 3G customers as long as they are paying their monthly fee(s) they would keep their phone number(s).  Softbank realizes how important telephone numbers are for its customers.  

I spent several hours to change / deleted my phone number (I lost) from many companies/organization such as banks and credit card companies.  What I don't like most is that someone could try to reach me by calling the number I lost.  




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They have been warning you for 2 years. 

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AT&T shut off your non-compatible phone back in february, but your phone service was still available to you if you replaced the phone and moved or replaced your sim card.   Your choice.

The beginning of May AT&T started canceling those inactive accounts with non-compliant phones.

Emails on those accounts were sent out in march. AT&T is only required to send the email, they're not required to make sure that you read it that's up to you.

Good luck with the rest. 

This is a customer populated forum not AT&T support 

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