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Wednesday, May 10th, 2023 5:30 PM

Need help fixing my bill

A sales rep came to our home and promised us our bill would be 127.53 before taxes and it’s not even close first bill is $363 and no one will help change it and sales rep Eddie will not answer phone

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5 months ago

First bills typically higher because promos for phones (trade-ins, port in credits, etc.) do not kick in for 2-3 billing cycles. Discounts for Auto Pay and Paperless billing do not kick in until the bill after the first Auto Pay and there are prorations and activation fees to account for. If you're reading the "Customer Service Summary" that says "This is not a bill" on it, disregard, it's wrong. If you're reading the actual bill, everything is broken down by line item so you can see what items are one time charges and such.

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