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Thursday, June 4th, 2020 5:06 AM

I believe I've fixed the HBO Max login problem

So I've been in the same boat as the rest of you that should be getting HBO Max as part of your qualified AT&T Unlimited mobile plan. I'm very familiar with user authentication services/protocols (what I do for a living) and I'm pretty confident that the problem has something to do with how the credentials handshake is happening.

My troubleshooting observations:

  1. I login to my AT&T wireless account with my mobile number and password. When I try to login to AT&T account with the billing address email, it fails because the account doesn't recognize it as a valid user ID.

  2. I'm hypothesizing that binding the HBO Max service to an account seems to require the user ID to be in an email address format since using my mobile number or email address on the account also fails to go through.

Here's what I did that worked (in the order listed):

  1. Login to your AT&T wireless account with my mobile number.

  2. Go to your account profile, sign-in info and change your user ID to an email address format.

  3. Verify the change with the link that will be sent to the email address you decide on.

  4. Log out and log back in to your AT&T account using your new user ID (in email address format).

  5. Go to your account profile, sign-in info and confirm that your user ID is now the email address format.

  6. Go to https://www.atttvnow.com/accounts/select-plan

  7. Click on that blue banner for unlimited customers and follow the text to validate your mobile number process

  8. You should be taken to a page to select HBO Max (heading on the page reads: Big. Streaming. Deal.)

  9. Clicking on the HBO Max button will take you to an AT&T TV Now login page. Use your new user ID in email address format to login using your AT&T wireless account.

  10. Once you go through this, and it took a few page refreshes because AT&T's site performance is atrocious, you'll eventually end up at this site (https://www.att.tv/watchnow) in a logged-in state.

  11. Finally, go to your HBO Max app on your phone and attempt to activate using AT&T as the provider and logging in using the AT&T account with the email address user ID that you set up in steps 2-4.

All of this worked for me and I can't guarantee that it'll work for you, but give it a shot and I hope it solves your problem

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2 years ago

ATT lies. The links on this page link to Direct TV, not HBO Max and there appears to be nobody at AT&T knows what to do.

They won't pick up the phone or chat or answer my question. 

You really stink AT&T.

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2 years ago

Hello @murbot, we would like to help you get logged into your HBO Max account.


Let’s meet in a Direct Message to discuss your HBO Max login. Please check your Direct Message Inbox (it’s the chat icon next to the bell icon in the upper right corner of the Forums).


We look forward to speaking to you soon.


Danielle, AT&T Community Specialist

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2 years ago

I've been trying to login to my HBO Max account the past few days via web browser, but it keeps saying " The email address or password is incorrect. Please try again. " , but it is correct.

Is this an issue that sometimes happens, or would there be a problem with the account itself? I am still logged in on my Android TV media player and content still plays fine on that, so I am guessing my account is OK and that there is some sort of login issue on PC?

I've tried multiple web browsers (I usually use Microsoft Edge or Chrome - both updated to latest versions) and tried clearing cookies and cache, but still can't login. Not sure what is going on.

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8 months ago

This is the most frustrating garbage process AT&T. I followed the directions above, but the link takes you to Direct TV, and there is no place to click for phone number verification. 

Every time I log into Max, it tells me, "Can't verify subscription. It looks like you don't have access to Max through this provider."

I have spent hours on the phone with tech support over multiple days. I have followed their every direction. Yesterday they told me to wait 24 hours for the service to sync. When they realized that after 24 hours nothing was fixed, they hung up on me and I cannot get back through to a human. While I sit on hold, the recording is advertising Max to me - the very thing I already supposedly have included in my plan but cannot access.

I will report false advertising to the FTC if this is not fixed by morning.


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