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Friday, July 14th, 2023 10:39 PM

Hbo max won’t reconnect

I was using max through AT&T and it randomly disconnected, now every time I try to reconnect it says “Can’t Verify Subscription”. It works flawlessly in my living room that has been connected, but for some odd reason my phone doesn’t.

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5 months ago

We understand your frustration with not being able to access Max on your mobile device, Deaven_Magnuson.


We just have a few quick questions, so that we may better address your technical concerns:


-What is the make and model of your mobile device?

-Which wireless plan do you currently have?

- Have you done a recent software update to your device?


We're asking because we'd like to provide precise troubleshooting steps for your specific phone. 


In the meantime, our first recommendation would be to use this resource to verify your Max subscription.

  • Make sure Max is included with your TV, internet, or wireless package. To do this, sign in to your TV, internet, or wireless account on your provider's website and make sure Max is included. For more info, go to Do I already have access to Max?
  • Try removing your TV provider from your device settings, and then try connecting your provider again. 
  • Try removing the Max app from your device, then try reinstalling the app again. 
  • Turn your device off for several minutes, then turn the device back on.

If you can't sign in to wireless provider account, make sure you can sign in on your provider's website. Here's how:

  1. Go to your wireless provider's website.
  2. Sign in with your provider account.
    Note  If you can't sign in, look for an option to reset your password. If this doesn't help, please contact your provider for help. Max Support doesn't have access to your provider sign-in information.
  3. After you successfully sign in on your provider's website, go back to Max and try the Connect your provider steps again.

Our second recommendation would be to make sure you device has a current software update

  1. Go to Device Support.
  2. Choose or change the device brand and model.
  3. Select Device diagram.
  4. Scroll to More Device Help and select Software updates if it’s there. You’ll only see it if there’s an update for the selected device.

Please share the results of the followed steps. Let us know if the issue persists, and we can continue offering you further solutions. Thanks so much for reaching out to AT&T Community Forums!


Nelson, AT&T Community Specialist

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5 months ago

I have an iPhone 8 that has the current iOS update, with the unlimited starter plan. I may know what the problem is.

we're paying for MAX through DIRECTV, and since our AT&T plan already has HBO Max included for free, we canceled HBO for DIRECTV to save money, I’m thinking since we canceled it for DIRECTV, it also canceled with AT&T by mistake. I could be wrong though.

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