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Thursday, August 10th, 2023 9:21 PM

HBO Max Bait & Switch?

I am on over 2 hours trying to connect with someone in the digital assistance center. My call has been dropped, the phone number I was given is not an active number, and I've been left on the open line with the agent (rather than on hold) and can hear him trying to connect to a disconnected line. I've been forced off the chat a couple of times, hung up on, and spent over an hour just trying to get a valid number to call.....

I just got kicked back to the main line after telling the "supervisor" that he didn't actually have me on hold and I could hear him chatting with the gal next to him, and when should I expect to be connected with the Digital Assistance Center? Now I'm back to square one after 2.5 hours. He's sending me to the mobility center? I think.....i don't know. I'm on an open line again without the agent saying anything directly to me. Oh wait, he's telling me digital assistance doesn't have a telephone number. 

This has been a WILD ride - I just wanted to get logged in to HBO Max, after AT&T texted me directly telling me I should log in and access this feature I am paying for as part of my plan. Hoping that posting in a forum will actually get a response from someone who knows something.....

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11 months ago

Update: Around hour 3, I was able to work with a standard wireless customer service rep, Heather, who is a GEM. She worked through troubleshooting with me for an extended period. I eventually had to hang up and was offered a call back from her supervisor the next day (who I wholly trust will call me tomorrow).

After enjoying an evening away from the issue I decided to try logging in again to see if it just needed time...it WORKED.  I am now fully logged in with access to MAX.

Here are the variables in play after my prolonged pursuit:

Verification of eligibility:

1. We verified that my account is eligible for the service despite the lapsed promotion

2. I received solicitation for logins from ATT via text AFTER the promotion period with no indication of expiration

No clue what went on behind the scenes:

3. Heather/her supervisor did some adjustments on the back end of my account

Seemed to be critical for successful login

4. I set up my login & verified all my credentials via the myatt app on my phone first

5. I gave it several hours before successfully logging in

6. I initiated login to MAX via the MAX app on my phone

I hope all of you in the future are lucky enough to connect with Heather or someone equally patient & willing to help! Also encourage anyone who follows suit to find out any additional identifying information in order to report out on her above & beyond service. She was truly wonderful to work with regardless of the positive outcome. 

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