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Wednesday, October 12th, 2022 3:37 AM

Can not log into HBOMax - subscription is expired, continued.

I made the following post 3 days ago. AT&T followed up in a direct message but sent incorrect information about my plan and their HBOMax promotion. I replied with the correct information indicating the promotion went through June 5th 2022, I DID purchase my plan within the eligibility dates for HBOMax and did not move service - I started a new plan only at my new address - they ended the chat with no response.

What kind of customer service is that? Seriously? 

I would have replied in the Direct Message, however, I can’t because it was closed. 

The Original Post: 

I've had this problem since the end of July and have spent hours on the phone with both AT&T and HBOMax support only to get nowhere. One AT&T Rep was able to fix it and my HBOMax worked for a week until the same problem began again. No one can figure out how she fixed it. AT&T tells me to call HBO, HBO tells me to call AT&T. The last phone call I had with AT&T support was over an hour and ended with the AT&T Rep telling me to call back another day because he couldn't figure it out. 

I have the AT&T FIBER — INTERNET 1000 plan. I've had this plan since 2019, obviously with HBOMax included the entire time. HBOMax has worked without any issues until July 2022 when it abruptly stopped working and no one has been able to help. When I go to login on HBO and select "login with provider" I am redirected into an endless loop of "your subscription has expired". AT&T representatives have confirmed that I do have lifetime access to HBOMax, and I still have the original emails with that information. Apparently, on their end, it looks like I am having no problems. 

This is not a case of having multiple products or a family plan as referenced in some forum posts because I only have myself on the account and have only ever had internet through AT&T. 

I am stuck in the same loop of "subscription expired" with no way to fix it. 

I have tried accessing HBOMax on: a Roku TV, Fire TV, iPhone (HBO app and browser), iPad (HBO app and browser again), MacBook Pro (Safari, Firefox, and Chrome). I have cleared every cache, reset every password, signed out of every device logged into HBO, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, looked for the mystical HBOMax tile referenced by customer service reps and forum posts that I have never seen in my life, used every login combination imaginable-my AT&T ID, username, email, my account email, phone number, old passwords, new passwords, etc. I've gone through every suggestion on the AT&T help pages, AT&T forum posts, HBOMax help pages, even every reddit post on this issue. Nothing works. This has been going on for almost 3 months. What am I paying for?

One customer service rep suggested I pay for my own HBOMax subscription and try to get AT&T to reimburse me in the future. That's not happening. This is insanely frustrating. I've already wasted hours on what should be a simple fix. Clearly this is a known problem-posts go back almost 2 years on this forum and on reddit discussing this very issue. Why hasn't AT&T found a solution?

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1 year ago

I started a new plan only at my new address

WHEN did this new service (B) start?  If it started AFTER 6/5/22, your HBOMax access ended.  

And then you cancelled service at the previous address (A) or did you KEEP that service at that address?   Were you thinking that the free HBOMax access would transfer over?


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1 year ago

I spoke to AT&T on May 25th, 2022, then received the new router + equipment and started service B on May 27th, 2022. 

Correct, I cancelled service A at my previous address A after I moved out of address A and into address B.

Yes, I was under the impression my free HBOMax access would continue for a couple reasons: the AT&T rep that I spoke to in May when I set up Plan B assured me it would continue, the emails I have confirming my new Plan B say I have free HBOMax with Plan B, the Plan B info on myat&t account info currently says my plan still includes HBOMax, and my HBOMax access still worked for over a month after I cancelled Plan A.

Also when I first called AT&T after HBOMax access stopped working in August, I spoke to at least a dozen different people and gave them all the above info, none of them mentioned that my access would go away with the new plan. In fact, I was told they didn't understand why it wasn't working because it showed that I still had access to it on their end. 

If I had known this would be an issue I would have had my roommate make a new AT&T account in her name at address B and had her sign up for the plan so we could still have HBOMax. 

My frustration isn't from not having HBOMax anymore, it's that every single person I spoke to and all the info I was given indicated I would still have access. I'd be fine with not having HBOMax if anyone had been upfront with me at any point in time. I've wasted so much time trying to figure this out without anyone giving me a straight answer. 

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