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Thursday, June 3rd, 2021 11:28 AM

Should have known better.........A snake is a snake is a snake!

My wife and I signed up for AT&T TV streaming service. We have had minor issues with connectivity but actually not bad for AT&T. We do not have AT&T internet, cell service or anything else. We are baseball fans and they were the only way we could see our team this year due to the sale of providers stations and all the mess that TV is today. AT&T said with their choice package that HBOMAX was offered for one year with the choice package. In fact it still is listed on the website as part of that package. Of course I have never been able to sign on to the service. I've called several times to AT&T, they saw the promo and said they would fix the problem. Did they? No. So today on a call they start telling me that the promo didn't really mean what it said and that it was only for people with AT&T internet or cell phone service. Same crap, different day with AT&T. I got their TV service because of no choice really as they were the only ones carrying Bally's Sports. HBOMAX was just a perk. Thought it was good as AT&T is more expensive than YouTube TV, Fubo TV, Hulu TV and several other services that I have had. I told myself years ago after getting rid of AT&T TV for outrageous price increases and billing issues that never again would I get involved with them and I did so that's on me. So, anyone else get screwed out of promos on technicalities that I read nowhere after the fact with this bunch. I'll be here till baseball season is over and then I'll leave so fast I'll leave flaming skid marks like the roadrunner used to.

I can never talk to the same person twice with AT&T. Language/accents is often a problem for me with talking to AT&T representatives as some, including today's, was so heavy I kept having to ask to repeat what was said and then it was just a guess. Well enough said I guess. Just wanted to know if anyone else has had this problem? 

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