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Saturday, December 16th, 2023 12:03 AM

Worst Customer Service Ever. Landline phone not working, support won't help.

My traditional landline phone stopped working this morning. There is no dial tone. Calls do not come in.

I cannot get anyone to help me by calling AT&T Support.

When I call the automated line, I get told it cannot locate my phone number and am routed to an agent who, like every agent before them, can't help me because I'm "in the wrong department." I then get transferred to another department who ALSO cannot help me. 

After the third agent could not help me, I asked for a supervisor to try and get to the bottom of what is going on. I was told the supervisor can't help me either and cold transferred to another department when I continued to ask for a supervisor to try and sort out what was going on and why I wasn't able to get to the correct department of have a simple trouble ticket filed.

I was told my traditional landline is now a wireless landline. I did not authorize this, this will NOT work at my house due to its location in a dead zone and I still do not know what this means as far as getting my service back.

I have spoken with 13 AT&T agents today. I have asked for a supervisor on at least half those calls. I have yet to speak to anyone above a front-line customer service agent...who apparently cannot help me. 

If I cannot get support when calling support, what am I supposed to do? I am ready to cancel my home phone, my DirecTv and my cellular plan over this. 



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4 months ago

File an FCC complaint.



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4 months ago

We have not had AT&T landline service since December 11 and today is December 18; and there is no cell phone here so I am relegated to communicating with AT&T via their Facebook Page, emails, and Twitter ("X") and I keep getting one promise after another that the service will be back on such and such a day by 8p.m. but always estimated.  I am tired to typing replies back to them.  Now I'm told today (12/18/2023) that the estimated time for my service to be restored is now 12/21 by 8:00p.m.  AT&T seems to really like 8:00p.m.!  I just wonder if they are just dragging this out and at the end of the year telling me that they won't offer landline service to customers any more.   I feel that they are lying to me.  I have not received any letter to tell me that my landline would become inoperative around December 11, but that is what I'm stuck with now.  So, I wonder how widespread this situation.  They claim my outage is widespread and I even wrote some city officials and they claim that they haven't heard anything from anyone.  Of course probably not too many people have landlines only in this day and age.  But I sure have been impacted by this outage!  

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