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Thursday, November 17th, 2022 5:30 PM

The worst customer service ever!

My parents recently moved and need new service. They have had 5 different appointments with AT&T for a phone line to be installed and it's still not installed.  4 of the appointments were cancelled by AT&T after nobody showed up (of course, this was several hours AFTER their appointment time).  The 5th time, someone showed up at the correct time, but said there was no work order stating a phone line was needed and they were going to go home. Seriously? They have spent countless hours on the phone with customer service, and still no phone line.  There is a bit of a language barrier as the call center employee(s) have had strong accents.  



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1 year ago

If you're trying to get a Plain old Telephone line POTS they are being phased out so maybe that's the issue. Not that that's an excuse for them not informing you for what the delay is. I agree about the foreign call centers, most are next to useless.  

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