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Tuesday, April 16th, 2024 10:11 PM

My over 60 years of a family generational (land line) phone is being double billed!! Help!!

So... life is busy. I just have usually written a check for my land line services and now, I have just found out that they have been double billing me for a while and not one person who I've spoken to will give me or transfer me to a phone number where I can speak to someone state side who I can talk with. They have just turned me over to an overseas floor manager and I was really nice at first but do not treat me like an (Edited per community guidelines). He did. I don't care where you are from or who you are.... I got upset because not one person there could fix the problem. So!! I asked to have them transfer me state-side and he basically put me on hold. I think they must get dinged for not being able to help from their end and he just didn't want to get dinged from his side of the job. So!!! 

DOES ANYONE know of any phone number where I can speak with a manager state-side???? I used to have everything on auto pay but I had considered changing my landline to a cheap flip phone or something cheaper to just keep at home for emergencies. That is the main reason why I still have mine. We have another service, computers with AT&T but I am at my wits end. Bad company when you can't speak with a rep you can understand and that they can actually help you. Please help... I am pretty upset and ready to go elsewhere for satisfaction. They won't want that. Thank you for your help. I appreciate whatever you can do. PS... I pay about $70.00 a month for this service with no long-distance service at all. I use my cell for everything else.

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1 month ago

If normal channels aren't working file an FCC complaint.

1 month ago

Thank you Spoom 2. I am grateful that you are there for people like me. I will start looking for that information tomorrow morning. I can usually get stuff done as soon as I can talk with a knowledgeable person. If I don't know how to fix something and my resources are done... I push it up the chain. That's what they are there for. I love customer service. Without customers... you close and lock the door for good. What's the old phrase...the bigger they are... the harder they fall. Maybe AT&T should take 1st year lessons again. Thank you again! Eileen

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