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Thursday, September 29th, 2022 4:23 PM

Why is my bill higher?


I am contacting you to ask why my bill is higher than expected.

I used to pay approximately $54.41/month for home wifi with fiber.  After adding home landline service a little more than a month ago, I was told that my bill going forward would increase by $20.00/month, so I would end up paying about $75.00/month for home wifi + the added at-home landline. 

That has not turned out to be the case.  Since adding the new landline service, my current monthly bill has been in flux between $135.00/month and $145.00/month.  I am calling to ask about the ongoing $80.00 - $90.00 discrepancy between what I expected to be paying after I added the landline service and what I'm being billed (or, in at least one instance, what I've already paid, i.e., I already paid the increased amount in the month of August 2022).

After several (ultimately unsuccessfully due to dropped calls and transfers) attempts at calling to discuss this with your agents over the phone, I've learned that, for at least this month, my bill is higher because:

  • a ~$10.00 late fee has been added to my account because I am late paying my bill.
    • Ultimately, I will want to dispute this. The only reason I'm late paying my bill is that it has been impossible to get anyone on the phone to ask questions about why my bill is so high.  Also, the PDF version of my bill that I can access on your website is inscrutable because it includes only highly generalized information and amounts, so that hasn't been able to answer my questions.
  • I used to qualify for a ~$10.00 monthly discount, which was good for 12 months from when I signed up.  Your agent said that is now expired, so my monthly bill is now $10.00 more than what it was.
    • I will also want to dispute this. Why was the 12-month discount removed from my account, as I've only been a customer for 8 or 9 months?

That is all your agents have been able to tell me.  Even if we were to accept that those two notations on my account were totally valid (they are not, and I intend to dispute them), that still leaves about $60.00-$70.00/month unaccounted for between the amount I expected to be paying when I added my new landline service and the amount that has lately been appearing on my monthly bill.

How do we fix this?  I would gladly accept a reduction in my bill and a refund for the overage I paid last month.  Please explain what is going on and advise on how to move forward.

-California Lawyer




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4 months ago

this is a customer populated forum not at&t billing 

my thoughts



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4 months ago

While it has been awhile since I looked at Uverse Voip (ATT PHONE) some general comments may help viewing the bill.

There are (3) different programs, the lowest cost ($20) was for 200 minutes counting both incoming and outgoing call minutes rounded up. Overage charges apply if exceed 200 minutes.

A tech installation of phone service is a $99 installation that can be billed in full on next bill or split into (3) payments of $33 each.

The taxes and fees on phone service is much higher than internet only service.

Details matter and should be listed on the bill.

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