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Thu, Oct 10, 2019 11:57 PM

Next Gen Consoles

With the expected release of Microsoft and Sony's next generation of gaming hardware in holiday 2020, one question rumbles throughout social media:


Which console will you choose?



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2 y ago

Late to the party - sorry @KrazyGameNerd!


As with most major releases, I think the launch line-up is really going to dictate which console I pick up first. I'm a diehard Halo fan since Halo: Combat Evolved so if the next one is a launch title, it's going to be an immediate buy from me.


Now, as a Call of Duty guy, Sony has been getting all of the COD exclusives, and as such most of my gamer friends are now on PlayStation. So if the guys want me to pick up the PlayStation 5 on launch day, I'm sure they'll be able to peer pressure me into doing it 😀


Spec wise, I think PlayStation 5 is going to overpower the next Xbox. That's not always the whole story though. Look at the PlayStation 3 where it was technically the more impressive console, but suffered from being too convoluted to program games for. When a basic "Hello, World!" application takes over 200 lines of code to run, you're going to have problems. This led to half-baked ports from the Xbox (as it's the easiest to develop for) and caused games to run at nearly twice the frame rate on Xbox as they would on the PS3.


I'm going to be really interested to get my hands on the development kits and see if Sony sticks to its current architecture, or strays from it do go their own way. I think ultimately the software is going to dictate the immediate winner of the upcoming console wars.


Curious to know other thoughts on this - we should do some sort of poll.

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1 y ago

I see no reason to join Xbox team since it has no exclusive games. All of them are being released on Windows. PS5 has an enormously fast SSD which can totally change the gameplay of exclusive games. What I'm really interested in also is what UI consoles will have. I read about ui ux design trends in 2020 but I doubt they are gonna be similar to ones mentioned in the article.


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10 m ago

I dont know about this one. It's always about the games and not consoles. Xbox have unfinished Halo, Ps5 have dlc for Spider-man. I dont see any reason to buy new console right now. I would stay with my ps4, and maybe would watch what they going to relise soon. I heard their ecommerce development agency maybe can do something about that.


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