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Mon, Mar 21, 2022 7:41 PM

Job verification

How do I verify a AT&T Job offer letter is genuine or not..?

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3 m ago

Was this is a posted job?

Did you apply for the job?

Were you required to perform any testing?

Did you have an interview?

Scheduled start date with location listed?

ATT provides all equipment to employees, including iphone and/or iPad… they do not ask you to purchase, prepay, or otherwise spend any money. 

Many positions require a physical before a job offer would be tended, did you a physical at ATT expenses with their approved facilities.



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3 m ago

Hello Hayson, that is a good question.


Usually a job offer letter has a contact number or email. You can try to reach out to the contact information on the letter.


Hope this helps you out.


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3 m ago

I think this thread needs to be moved to the right sub-forum.. this is Gaming Arena and job-related questions are not something that belongs here. 

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