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Fri, Nov 11, 2005 9:29 AM

Round dish, Triple head, DVR can't find sat's

I'm having some issues with my new DVR. We had our system worked on (moved the dish for a better signal, etc) and had cable run for 3 receivers. The installer couldn't get the dual LNB head to work so we slipped him $50 and he gave us the Triple head and got everything working.
I just purchased my DVR and I'm trying to set it up on one of the working, but unused cable runs. The DVR only gets a signal on A 25,27,29 - B 25,27,29 and none on C. Then it can't find any satellites. Is this a problem with using a triple head on a round dish? I'm thinking it is and am planning on buying an oval dish soon. This is also the same round dish we got 10 something years ago when we first got DTV.


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