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Tue, Oct 4, 2016 6:07 PM

Roof Damage Due to Satellite Installation

I have water damage to my roof where my dish is mounted. I need to remove the dish so the repairs can be made, but do not want the dish to be mounted on the roof after doing so. I am being told by Directv that I will need to pay to have the have the dish mounted in an alternate location. Has anyone gone through this with Directv? Is Directv responsible for water damage caused by the roof install?




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2 years ago

Dear All,


  I had Direct TV install a Dish on my home and they also did not seal the bolts used to secure the Dish to my roof and it rotted my roof (one year old before dish was installed) caused leaks, water damage inside ect.. I have an estimate to repair, however they are not willing to repair as they state it has been too long since the original installation (have had dish upgraded to newer style 5 years ago) They refernce a Statute of Repose in NH has a time limit for liability, my argument is that Neglegence on thier part by not installing this properly caused the damage and that a revised statute of Limitations regarding Product Liability applies. Has anyone had any luck persuing claims with AT&T or Sedgewik or is this just a canned reponse of not being liable? Please help





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a year ago

In the long run, its worth the 100 bucks or so vs several hundred into a thousand replacing unforeseen rot 15 plus years later.  Trust me!  Do not have anything installed onto your roof.  They will seal it, but sealant does deteriorate over time.  Im not experiencing water damage to ceiling into home, mine is within an exterior wall.  By the time i saw roof issue, led to inside extensive damage.  Satellite was installed on edge of roof.  Seeing i dont keep records of bills pass 10 years, i have no proof of who my provider was back then.  

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