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Wed, Jul 15, 2020 9:09 PM

replacing old R22-100 receiver

Hey Juniper:

Need your help!


My refurbished R22-100 finally died and DTV said they would send me an HR24--but of course that didn't happen. I received yet another R22-100 mfgd in 2008--but seems to have three more recent mods.


I am very concerned about the "new" receiver setup, cuz my old R22 fried the 18V channels on three different 18" dish antennas whenever it booted from a power off condition.


The install directions say to leave the configuration set to Default (i.e., skip it)--that is the part that has me worried.


What is the DEFAULT configuration setup on an R22??

I am concerned that it is for a newer antenna (possibly the older non-SWM 3 LNB eliptical dish).


I can get nowhere with tech support-- lower level TS says they don't know but won't (Edited per community guidelines) me up to a higher level of TS.  Getting very frustrated!


How can I find out what the DEFSAULT config setup is for an R22?

(I only have one more "good" 18"dish LNB and I don't want to fry it.)


Sure would like to figure out a way to get an answer or somehow get on contact with high level TS that has an answer.


(Seems like the only reliable TS support these days is the DTV Receiver Forum--you and Shannon in particular.) For that, my sincer3e thanks.












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20 days ago

If you have a 18" standard definition dish then that's the dish configuration you have to use, that would be YOUR default configuration 

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15 days ago

Yes, I understand the final config, but WHAT is the built-in config that the install instructions refer to???

The instructions say to ignore the default config, but that is what concerns me...

WHY, when I do an initial boot from a power off state does the R22 "blow out" the 18V channels on three different 18" round dishes???? Yeah, really.


I have an old TIVO that still works. Before the initial boot with the R22, all 32 channels on the LNB  were OKI

After the new R22 boot, only the 13V channels were still OK, but the 18V channels were all shown with red X's--and obviously the program content on those channels was unavailable.


I am almost afraid to try the second refurbished R22 that DTV has now sent to me--the LNBs are not exactly cheap.


Yeah, I am confused and getting very frustrated.



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