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Sun, Jul 8, 2007 3:28 AM

Remote Control Stops Working Randomly for DVR Functions

Since we obtained the HDDVR service in January, our remote control will periodically stop working. The TV-related controls still work fine, but the DVR related controls don't work at all (the remote is unresponsive). Having lived with this problem for a while, we've discovered some bizarre details about it:
1. If you attempt to control the DVR by using the buttons on the DVR itself, that works.
2. Often, though not always, after about 20 - 30 minutes of having the TV on, the remote will suddenly start working again.
3. You can get the remote to work for a few seconds at any time by turning the TV off and turning it back on again. After doing this, the remote will work for about 5 - 10 seconds, after which point the TV's picture fades slightly, and the remote stops working. Repeating the turn off/turn on cycle repeats this phenomenon.
4. You can get the remote to work at any time by placing it about 1/2 inch away from the infrared port of the DVR.
5. Power cycling/resetting the DVR doesn't help.
6. This tends to happen in the early to mid morning, and again in the mid to late evening.
7. This only started happening when we got the HDDVR - we'd had all of the same components but with a non-HD DVR for several months and this never happened.

DIrectTV has replaced the remote (we have now experienced this problem with four different remotes, including both the RC32 and RC34 models) and has also replaced the HDDVR. They have moved the satellite dish, checked the signals, and verified that everything is connected properly. No one at DirectTV has any clue what the problem could be. The only thing unusual about our setup is that we do not have the DVR connected to a phone line. On the off chance that this was the source of the problem, we connected it to a phone line one evening when we were experiencing this problem, to no avail.

Can ANYONE help us with this problem? This forum is my last hope before I'm doomed to cable.




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a year ago

I'm experiencing the exact same problem. The problem even extends to the genie boxes in other rooms. Directv is absolutely no help. If it continues, there will come a point where I'll cancel the service.

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