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Sat, Aug 3, 2013 7:36 PM

Denon AVR 1318 not responding to any programming from DTV remote

The installer could not make it work and eventually gave up. I tried every code for Denon and none of them worked. I searched the forums and found several similar questions on other Denon receivers and though it said there were replied, they were either blocked or just not there. Does anyone have a solution?

Also are the moderators blocking replied because they are old, or because they don't follow the 'party line'?


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7 years ago

When testing the denon codes, did you use the volume key? Which NEVER works initially with ANY audio device. Reason is the volume keys won't work at all without tv code programmed to the tv device, once there is a tv code its volume is now in the way. But that can be remedied:

With a tv code, partially working denon code programmed to the av1 or av2 device. To get the volume:

1. av1 or av2

2. press and hold MUTE & SELECT, wait for two blinks, release

3. enter 9 9 3

4. press SELECT

When testing the denon codes, try ALL keys, other denon codes to try are 30004 or 30160.




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7 years ago

DirecTV recently changed forum software and some posts got "blocked" in the process.

Please post back the model number of your receiver, remote and TV.



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7 years ago

Are you talking about the SAT receiver?

  • Genie HD DVR
  • Model: HR34-700

The Stereo is listed in the post title. Denon AVR 1318. The remote for the SAT is the white one, I'll have to get that too. MY TV is a 47 in Vizio [mod?]  Will get these tonight and post.

FYI - the rcvr is Denon AVR-1312, not 1318. And, the post below fixed my issue! YEA!

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