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Mon, Jan 20, 2020 7:30 PM

Cannot get Service Because Application Can’t Be Processed

Since I cannot find an email address to contact the company I will leave my response here. Currently trying to become a customer, however AT&T can not complete my order because they can’t complete my application due to appointment scheduling issues. I was just on hold for over an hour and fifteen minutes just to schedule an appointment to have the service rep tell me they would have to call me back in a couple day’s. I am trying to become a customer and I can’t even get an appointment scheduled which is frustrating because it’s just an appointment, how can it not get scheduled . I would love to hear the reason why I can’t get an appointment scheduled. It would seem to be a simple fix by contacting a local direct tv company in my area and scheduling an offline appointment since online it’s not working, with them for my service address. Hopefully someone at AT&T sees this and helps my wife and I out because we want DirectTV but it looks like we aren’t getting a solution.

Attached is the screenshot of the phone call to AT&T a few minutes ago. Might have to start streaming again 🙄.


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