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Tue, Oct 2, 2018 12:23 AM

Why does tech support hang up on you?

I called and went through the automated technical support system. When that system could not help me I waited a moment for a tech to take the call. The tech came on the line and then hung up. That's all.



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2 years ago

Most of Tech and CSR support are outsourced. This could be because of different reasons, ex. VOIP issues on their work place, internet issue on their area, quality of the call centers equipment, agent issue but all of these problems are being looked upon to by a certain team on AT&T constantly developing and further training for outsourced employees. Try calling back again or try chat support and email support instead.

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a month ago

For many years companies have been outsourcing different parts of their business. Some companies outsource their IT department or support team for example. Companies like OBP BPO in Australia have been outsourcing call center jobs to Philippines for a while now and Filipinos call centers employees usually have a rather good level of english but that is not enough. Maybe that is the reason why they hang up.


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