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Sun, Oct 25, 2020 9:16 PM

Unable to get 4K channels and On demand channels even though i have 4K Genie 2 and 4 each 4K C61K recievers

Sorry for the long post.

1) first Genie 2, HS17/100, gave me 4K channels and on demand but stopped working. I have the Genie 2 HS17/100 and 4 each C61K-700 minis, all of which are 4K capable. Again, i had 4K and on demand before the Genie 2 went “out of service”

2) AT&T send a replacement Genie 2 but nothing worked, Korean stations, on demand, 4K, the only things that worked was regular Channels and premium. With the assistance of AT&T telephone Techs, we were able to get back the Korean stations but 3 weeks later, i still do not have on demand and 4K. I have rebooted the Genie 2 and each of the mini 8+ times myself and the tech have reset it at least 4-6 times. Still no 4K or on demand. Supposedly, the telephone tech tried to turn on 4K 6+ times and each time, nothing took. For some reason my system didnt take the input. They told me it was a problem in my system. What problem, they didnt know. I have been told by the telephone techs that the problem has been elevated to the Engineers but have yet to have anything happen. The telephone techs sent a field tech to check my system and all he did was run a satellite check and said everything checks out as good and called his supervisor who told him that that was all he could do and to move on. It was in the people who turns on 4K hands. I guess this was the trouble with my system that the telephone tech eluded to and perhaps guidance from the Engineers that are supposedly working on my problem. I still have not received any notification of anything or follow up. 

3) one telephone tech sent another replacement Genie 2 HS17/100, again, no 4K and or on demand. After going through the same thing we went through on the other Genie 2, still dont have 4K or on demand. I was told again, that the Engineers have my case and i would receive help. Nope. As of 4 weeks later, still no 4K or on demand.

4) on channels 104, 105, i get the page that tells me to order 4K on phone or on line or text. If i have it already, call as its error code 721. The pay cinema channels tell me to rent but I’m afraid to. Channel 1104 just says not available 

5) all on demand channels just say not available at this time

anyone one please help, hopefully some real techs not reading of a telephone script.



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a month ago

The Genie-2 (HS17) though their latest equipment, is far from the greatest. It still has bugs not squashed and doesn't always stay in sync with the Clients, more noticeable when dealing with 4K content.

Genie-2 only supports up to 2 TVs at a time using a 4K channel, no matter how many 4K clients you have.

Your 4K service comes from the satellite feed. On Demand however is from your internet connection. The two shouldn't affect each other.

How are you connect to your home internet? Wired (direct Ethernet, deca, powerline adapter, etc.) or wireless from the built-in option (2.4Ghz or 5Ghz)? Is it directly to your primary router, or do you have anything else in between?

I would on the DirecTV box go into Menu > Settings > Internet > Advanced and reset the Network defaults. Unplug power from your Gateway (modem/router combo unit) for a minute. If the modem/router are separate boxes, power on modem first before router. Then on DirecTV go into Connect Now to reestablish a fresh connection to your internet equipment.

Because of the very limited 4K content, if you ever get the option, I would consider going to the regular Genie line for more reliability. That way you don't have every TV reliant on one box. You could have a Genie, 2 HDDVRs, and a 4K Client giving you more hard capability (9 tuners) than the Genie-2 (7 tuners). You could still keep to 2 4K Clients, but the HR54 only supports 1 TV at a time using a 4K channel. The Genie-2 is just too restrictive by forbidding other receivers which hard caps the system, plus the post-launch bugs they are still dealing with.

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a month ago

Thank you for the quick response.

Unfortunately i am discovering the new and supposedly greatest is not the case with the Genie 2. It’s sad that until i had to change my first Genie 2 out due to it stop working correctly, i did have little or no problems.

All my receivers downstairs, 2 each, are hardwired in, also, the Gen 2. There is a Netgear Nighthawk S8000 hooked up to the main Ethernet cable from the modem/router. This has been checked and rechecked and allows 4K from Netflix, Prime, Apple and other streaming services. So i am getting 4K from other services through my set up. The 2 upstairs are on wireless, which means because of the Genie 2 limited capability, its only 2.5 ghz.

My Modem/router is capable of doing 2 ranges, the 2.5 ghz and 5 ghz. All the on demand pages,are there in the guide and i can go to them. It’s just that one i get to the page i select, i see the directv logo in the background and in the foreground i see 1011 (FOX) is currently not available. All on demand channels are the same, 1000-3000. The telephone techs were unable to get it to tune in or what ever and told me it would probably come in later as new stuff takes time to appear.

I did the shut down you suggested and recall doing it several times with the telephone techs. The result is the same. No 4K and no on demand. Status has not changed.

I’m beginning to believe that the problem is that the system can not figure out what or who it is. All my online account information says that it is offline, while my online says it online and good to go. The names of the receivers seem to change to what they want it to be and not what i have put in. I wonder if that might cause a conflict.

thank you for you assistance and i hope that the engineers and techs at AT&T will finally figure out what the problem.

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