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Thu, Jan 16, 2020 4:18 PM

Returned equipment not refunded

I posted in Septemberish of 2019 that I returned 5 boxes to direct. They have on 3 occasions since then told me they have received them. They have since then kept trying to charge the $333.90 for the equipment charge. I have printed out chats that I’ve had with their employees that state that direct has received the equipment. I have gotten 2 calls from their collections company telling me to pay up. Last night was the most recent call. I now am being told that if I just pay $18.90 in tax they will wipe out the rest. I told them I have no tax to pay as I’ve had no service since September 2019. They wanted a payment last night, I said send me a paper bill, she said she didn’t know if she could because my account was cancelled. Really? At the end in desperation I said if the tax was legit I’d be happy to pay it to get this over with. I feel I should call my local news reporter to get this aired. This seems very underhanded by a company we paid so much money to for so long, including past telephone service. How can they expect loyalty in the future? Not sure this is over!



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1 month ago

Call DirecTV and when you get the voice system say "cancel" to route you directly to their cancellation/retention department. Hopefully they can get the return cleared up.

As for the bill, DirecTV will continue sending a bill every month until paid in full (with final bill showing payment received of course), or it goes to a collection agency. Agents historically have been able to resend the most recent ("latest") bill. But it will only show carry over balance that is showing still owed, unless the charges just occurred in the latest cycle.

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