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Fri, Jun 7, 2019 2:14 PM

Receiver looses connection every Thursday: Error code 721

I was contacted by AT&T telling me I would loose local channels if I did not upgrade to the Genie receiver.  My service has been great and I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years.  I had the Genie Gen 2 installed 5 weeks ago.  The first Thursday night, I lost local channels and received an error code of 721 on every channel.  

I had to re-boot my receiver  and call DirecTV in order to get my service back.  

I stayed on the line and spoke to a customer service rep, I am assuming outside of the US.  I could not understand what they were saying to me and since my service was restored, I hung up - still not exactly satisfied.  I was also having issues with freezing and pixelation.  One out of the 4 agents I spoke with escalated the issue and explained how the 2 receivers worked together. I very much appreciated her help!

This is the FIFTH Thursday in a row that I have had the error code 721.  I have contacted customer service every time. I had a tech come to the house to check on my receiver and satellite.  He fiddled with it, one the of the "eyes" was out of alignment and changed my TV connection to HDMI3. However, I could barely understand a word he was saying.

We are unable to watch On Demand, it records the episode, but playback is constantly buffering.  My tv says it is connected to the internet, however, still all issues as if it wasn't. 

I am absolutely not satisfied! I am to the point where I would like our old receivers back until this is figured out!  


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a year ago

Hi @Jennsmiles11,


 If you are seeing error code 721? Are you not seeing your channels? No to worry, you can quickly resolve this by performing the following actions suggested on our website.  


Hope this helps!

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a year ago

Thanks for posting this as I've had the same issue with Dtv since the end of March!! Every week at the same time, my Genie won't connect to the local channels with a 721 error code for only my local channels. We originally had the DVR's and when one of them crapped out, we called to have it replaced. We were told that they were now obsolete and would be replacing our DVRs with the Genie with no rate increase, so we went ahead and had them install it....well it finally got installed on the 7th appointment with a service tech....YES that is the 7th installation appointment and not one time were we called during this time telling us that the service tech wouldn't be here GRRRRRR.......after it was finally installed, things were going along just fine. The installation tech said that we might receive a 721 error code when they did the software update at the end of March, and if we received the error message, just call DTV and they'd fix it. Which they did, but then it happened again the next week and the next and the next at exactly the same time every week. We were originally told that it was a Nicolodean negotiation that was affecting our package which was the Entertainment package. After dealing with this crap for months, I finally called them and told them that if it's my package causing the problem, put me on another package, so we upgraded to the Choice.....guess it didn't matter, because it does the same thing. We've had several techs come out and do adjustments to the satellite as well as replacing the receiver. On the day that the receiver was replaced - which was a Friday, now we get the error 721 on Fridays everyweek instead of Thursdays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They can't figure it out! I'm sick of dealing with this CRAP! I now had an appointment for new equipment, per customer Loyalty Dept and they were to come out today between 12-4pm. At 4:05 I called, because no one was here. Wesley, who was definitley not from the US, said that the tech just put in a note that they'd be here within 1/2 hr. When I asked what time the tech added the note (we didn't receive a call) Wesley said 7 minutes ago, so I figured I'd give them the 23 minutes to get here. Interestingly enough, 10 minutes later I received a call from the tech who said he just received a service call 15 minutes ago at our address. SOMEONE dropped the ball AGAIN!!!! When he found out that we needed new equipment, he had to change the appt to tomorrow morning because by this time it was going on 5PM and almost dark here! AT&T/DTV  really have no clue as to what's going on here and I'd appreciate any help. I'm at my wits end with this!!

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