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Sat, Jan 14, 2006 1:46 AM

R15 problems with high-speed FF, REW?

So far, our R15 has been pretty trouble-free. The biggest pain that we've experienced is when we have to FF or REW through material at higher speeds. Often, the R15 seems to take some time to respond to the initial command (receiving it, as indicated by the IR indicator on the front panel, but often ignoring it). If we aren't careful, a subsequent press will make it through okay - but will then get "stuck" in that high-speed FF or REW mode. Attempts to stop it (or even get it to slow down or turn off completely) are ignored at this point for at least 10 seconds or so.

Has anyone seen this behavior as well? We've tried intentionally waiting a second or two between presses- that doesn't seem to help much. It's almost as if the control input is at such a low priority when compared to the high-speed playback that it's hit-or-miss whether these make it through.


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