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Sun, Oct 2, 2005 4:21 PM

Phone connection *failed*

Got a message last night that several phone connections have failed. Phone busy (which wasn't true)

After spending hours on the phone this morning going through l-o-n-g telephone trees several different times, I would get passed up a level that was to help.

Each assistant had different bits of advice, but none of them helped. (Forgot to mention--- I'd also gone through all the onscreen trouble shooting screens, to no avail)

Bottom line---- nothing has helped. And to complicate matters, each time I touched my DSL filter (where the satallite and phone line are connected and have been for a year with no problem) I would lose connection!

I installed a new R10 Directv sat. receiver on 9-18 of this year---- and possibly the troubles started then.

However---- I want to check out more options.

(I have bad back and have difficulty moving my tv equipment to plug and re-plug.)




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