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Wed, Sep 2, 2015 12:19 AM

No RCA output with HDMI tv off for H23/600.

I have an H23/600 receiver. The HDMI output feeds an LCD TV and I also have RCA outputs V1/R1/L1 feeding an RF modulator that feeds an old CRT TV. Recently, V1/R1/L1 have started shutting off when the HDMI TV is off. I looked for an "HDMI Control" option on but there isn't one for this receiver. How do I keep V1/R1/L1 on with the HDMI TV off?? Is there a setting I'm missing or is there a problem with the receiver?


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5 years ago

DTV has been forced into complying with HDCP on all channels.  You need a powered HDMI splitter to keep the handshake alive when the HDMI TV is off.

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