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Sat, Oct 1, 2005 1:50 AM

No HDMI with HR10-250

I have had this unit for almost a year now, and have NEVER gotten any picture with the HDMI output. I had read on the TIVO forums that this was a KNOWN problem. So I called DTV a number of times and no one would help me. Then one day, one of the tech persons said it was NOT a hardware problem (like what was posted on the TIVO forums!!!), but would be fixed with version 4 of the software. I waited and waited and WAITED!!!! Well, I have yet to see V4 of any update, my HDMI has NEVER worked, and now I see the units for sale way below what I had paid way back!!!!! Can anyone help me with this? I am extremely T'd off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And considering that I have had this unit for a year, and DTV would not help me in any way, and now it seems I was lied to, and these units are now priced HALF of what I paid, I think DTV OWES me some sort of settlement!


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