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Sat, Oct 1, 2005 1:32 AM

MAJOR DVR Recording Problem... Please Help!

we have had our DVR (R10) receiver with TIVO for about a week, which up to this point has been recording perfectly

Since last night (Thursday Sep. 29th) when I would set up TIVO to record a show ahead of time, it will record, but when I go to play it back (it is showing in the list), it only has the audio and the track bar, NO VIDEO (only shows the DVR screen).
And at times when I try to stop, it will hang, and I have to reset the receiver

This has happened on 2 different stations on 2 different nights, and there is nothing wrong with the station itself..

what could be the problem, this just started, and we DO have the dual tuner connected properly.

Thanks in advance


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