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Mon, Jan 21, 2019 7:36 PM

HR54-200 vs Genie Mini vs Genie 2

I'm trying to get the most recent information regarding 4K.  I currently have a HR54-200 HD DVR and a 4K Genie Mini, but both of my TVs are 4K. When I call DIRECTV, I am told that I have the most up-to-date equipment and it is not possible to get 4K on my second TV because the HR54-200 is not 4K ready. I went to a AT&T/Directv store and they said I would need a Genie 2 receiver ( the reviews look bad??) but then I can get 4K on multiple TV's. We actually have 5 TVs that are 4K, but I am mainly interested in the family room TV and the master bedroom TV. The master bedroom TV is a LG OLED 65" B8 and has the HR54-200 HD DVR and the family room TV is a Sony 75" XBR-75X940D, which is DIRECTV 4K Ready TV. It is hooked up to the 4K Genie Mini. I know there aren't too many 4K channels available, but we like the 4K UHD rental movies. Thanks.


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Genie-2 (HS17) is a restrictive design. A regular Genie with HDDVRs, and perhaps some Mini Genie Clients depending on exact setup and number of TVs, is the best option.


Genie-2 is a server tower that sits by itself so you will have one more box installed than you have TVs.

Forbids HDDVRs from being on the account meaning it is hard capped at 7 tuners and 100 series limit with no way to increase. (regular Genie and 2 HDDVRs is 9 tuners and 200 series limits).

As is a Client only system no TV can work without the main box. So if it has issues, there goes every TV. (also makes it unfriendly for those with an RV, vacation cabin, or the like.

Clients only use a single tuner so there is no Picture in Picture (PiP) feature.

Clients share everything the Genie-2 has, including parental controls and recording list options, so no way to separate one from the others if desired.

Still has post launch issues.

The only perk over the HR54 is that 2 TVs at the same time can use a 4K channel, where the HR54 can only do 1. Both HS17 and HR54 can have multiple 4K clients installed using non-4K channels at the same time.


As there are only a two channels in 4K (plus some scattered PPVs), that is too much loss for too little gain going from HR54 to HS17. Genie and HDDVRs is the most flexible and reliable setup. You could mix in a couple 4K Clients (C61K) on the TVs you plan to use the 4K channels on if you only plan on 1 TV at a time using a 4K channel. Doesn't stop the Client from using non-4K channels.


Yes unfortunately HR54 was too far into production when the requirement updated to HDMI 2.0 for 4K compliance. That is why only the Client connection can be used. The HS17 design seems to indicate going in a Client only direction. However as the only non-Genie (H25) that is a returnable model is SWM-only like the Genies (cannot use the older cabling setup), I still have a small hope that they would have a SWM-only HDDVR in the works but we shall see.



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