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Sat, Jan 14, 2006 4:19 AM

Fees for DVR

I know that anything that is lower than the Premuim Total CHoice has to pay for the DVR service. Now there is something I don't understand. There is the $5.99 but then do I also have to pay the $4.99 for the extra receiver? Like for example, at this moment, I have 5 receivers in my house. Because of that I am paying $19.96 extra than my package price. Would I have to pay the $5.99 PLUS the $4.99 for the receiver? So would my ending price be $25.95 or $30.94? This is only if I were to add ONE DVR system to my account. Everything else is the same. There would only be on DVR system in my account

Thanks for the clear up


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