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Sat, Jan 26, 2019 3:22 PM

Black Screen with Acquiring Guide Data

My problem started when I was trying to connect my DirectV new server/receiver to the wireless internet.  It wasn't finding the faster wireless network eventhough every other device in the house, e.g. Iphone, computers, etc,. have the network working fine.  I called Directv and they sent me a new server.  I installed the new server and was getting the same problem.  So, I took it off and reinstalled the one I had since it had my recordings and was already connected to all the other Genie's in the house.  Since then, patience is not my strong suit, I have not been able to watch Directv.  Everything works but I cannot watch any of my recordings or live TV.  It looks like it is trying to refresh all my guide data because there are gray and blank boxes.  I know I did refresh the box too many times yesterday and I've hit red buttons, on both the server and the Genie mini's too many times.  Basically I have a black screen on main tv and the last message I got was "Acquiring Guide Data".  The other tv's in the house all have white screens.  So, I am assuming that I have plugged up the satellite feed data with too many versions of the guide data trying to download.  I should have left the tv on last night and maybe that would have cleared it up.  So, my question is, is there anyway to clear out the "pipeline" so it's stops trying to receive the data or do I just have to leave it on and see if it clears itself?  


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2 years ago

Hi @missnotmole


We're happy to help get your service back up and running! In the Search Menu, enter the keyword "CLEAMYBOX." This will reset your Genie and force it to rebuild the Guide Data.


Aminah, AT&T Community Specialist

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a year ago

I did the  enter the keyword "CLEAMYBOX.", but now I am only able to watch the single channel it was on.




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