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Wed, Sep 19, 2018 3:12 PM

Alexa and DirecTV - We were unable to link DIRECTV at this time.

I have seen a few of these threads and thought I would create another that contained all the information I could gather.


1. I had this working properly. Alexa had been linked to my DirecTV HR34 and it was glorious.

2. I requested that my DirecTV account be merged with/migrated to my AT&T account. I had hoped for some savings there, but haven't seen what was promised yet (but that's another story).

3. After the migration process began, my link between Alexa and DirecTV account seemed to be malfunctioning. From the support posts I had seen, I decided to follow the recommendations to remove the DirecTV skill and re-establish the link. When I attempt to link the skill now, and I use my AT&T credentials as directed, I receive the error, "We were unable to link DIRECTV at this time. Please try again later."

4. I gave it time, tried again later, and did so repeatedly for a couple months. This includes waiting for the account merge process to fully complete. Still, no dice.

5. I contacted AT&T support several times (yesterday, I went through six analysts) and they could not assist. Providing me the default support sites and directing me to the proper steps for establishing the link is not helpful. I already know how to properly set this up (see no. 1 above).

6. I have also been directed to contact Amazon. I did, and they claim this is not their issue. I tend to agree with them. The AT&T account unification is what fouled things up here, and that has nothing to do with Amazon.

7. I have seen some posts say that users have seen this error and the resolution was to use their DirecTV login rather than their AT&T credentials. That likely works for those without unified accounts, but for those like myself, we only have AT&T credentials now.

8. I'm in limbo...


So, my theory is that killing the DirecTV account during the merge/migration - and I did indeed have two different accounts, one for DirecTV and one for AT&T - is the likely cause for this problem. I inquired as to whether I could re-enable my DirecTV account, or if there were a technical step that still needed to be taken in the background, but I did not receive an answer. DirecTV does appear on my unified billing page within AT&T, but something else appears to be missing. Again, just a theory.


Anyone else? Thanks.




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2 months ago

I have been trying to work with AT&T and DirecTV on this same issue for well over a year now.  Like everyone else, if you look in the review comments on the DirecTV skill in the Alexa app, there are more people than I can count who are having this same problem of not being able to link the Amazon account for Alexa and the DirecTV account.  The accepted "Solved" solution is not a solution.  Our ID is unified.

When speaking to different levels of support for more than a year now, they act like they are unaware that this problem even exists.  What I suspect is that nobody (myself included) has been able to bring this issue to a high enough level of corporate management so that they will light a fire in the correct department to finally get this issue solved.

In my opinion, waiting for more than a year now with no date for a resolution in sight is unacceptable.  Can we get management to chime in on this instead of regular support?