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Sat, Jul 4, 2020 7:47 PM

Wireless network internet access is disabled when Netflix application is activated

I have a strange issue that has begun being a serious headache in recent weeks. In my apartment living room I have a Roku TV that is connected to the router (model 5268AC) via a wired connection (it is not on the wireless network); Whenever Netflix is opened and begins streaming on it, ALL devices that utilize the wireless network become disconnected from the internet (they generally give an error saying that "The internet is unavailable on [network name]" or some similar such message). However, Netflix continues to run just fine on the wired-network Roku TV while all wire;less-connected devices insist that an internet connection doesn't exist. For most devices that were on the wireless network that was disconnected, such as an Xbox One upstairs, everything will resume working fine as soon as netflix is closed but on other devices, like a Windows 10 PC upstairs and my room-mates' mobile phone, I usually find that I must reset the router in order for a connection to be re-established. I had experienced this phenomena for a couple weeks, but it was only today that I discovered that the running of Netflix is the constant variable whenever the issue raises its head. YouTube, Hulu, HBONow, and all other streaming services manifest in no such issues.


I live in a small apartment and have never had any experience with connectivity issues such as low signal strength, so signal strength or whatnot doesn't seem to play any part of the equation. I have an upper-tier speed plan for my AT&T internet service and so, while I am in no way a particularly well-informed party, I would expect that this shouldn't be occurring due to one measly streaming app, particularly given that no other streaming app manifests in the issue.


Is there anything I may do to address this issue? Is the router a piece of junk that for some reason Netflix hates, and should I seek out replacing it? I'd deeply appreciate any help I can get. Doing searches on the internet (while netflix is off, of course!) I find a plethora of folks who seem to experience a vaguely similar issue and very few of them seem to have reached any sort of resolution, but none of the issues they describe are exactly identical to mine (in their instance, Netflix service is disconnected as well).



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a month ago

That's weird. I can't think of any possible reason why all other devices are being disconnected just because you stream Netflix.


Please call AT&T techical support for further assistance. They will tell you if there's a need to replace your router or what not.


Call 800-288-2020 and ask for technical support.


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a month ago

Hey @ThatOneGuyWithTheFaceAndTheHair,


We are here to help with your Wi-Fi trouble. We recommend starting with some troubleshooting. First unplug the Roku device from all power for 10 secs, and plug it back in. See if issue resolved itself. If not, factory reset your gateway, and monitor & troubleshoot your Wi-Fi connection using our Smart Home Manager.


Let us know if this helps.



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