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Tue, Jan 7, 2020 7:02 PM

Unable to register DirectTV mobile app with DTV Genie

Yes, I am on the same home network

Yes, I am using the correct login

Yes, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app

Yes, I have gone through all of the posted troubleshooting steps

So frustrated with this issue happening and no help or fix from AT&T, but at least I am not the only one. As long as I have had DTV I have had this issue, and it stems from crappy app and lack of functionality for us to manage our Genie DVR registrations. My specific issue is with our DVR showing 5 registered devices (max), yet all are no longer in use and I cannot clean them up. Every few months, my mobile app takes a dump and registration is no longer valid, and trying to re-register or uninstall and re-register fails (because of max registrations). In past I have managed to get AT&T support on the phone and get it resolved within somewhat reasonable amount of time, yet they always fail to clear out all other old registrations, just the old one for my current device. However, throughout 2019 when trying for past few months of it being broken again, I just waste many many hours getting bounced around and getting nowhere. Just another pro towards cutting the cord.

Any way anyone knows of to be able to manage our Genie registered devices so I can clear out all the old ones and no longer have max 5 limit?


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