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Thu, Nov 3, 2016 8:27 PM

Having trouble with Mobile DVR Registration - for the Genie and App, In-Home and Out-Of-Home?








If you are having trouble setting up Mobile DVR, we have some information below that should get you squared away. Remember, you need an internet connection and your Genie must be connected as well to utilize this feature.


Turn on Mobile DVR in the Genie & The App 

  1. Press Menu. Go to Settings & Help > Settings > System Info & Test
  2. Select More System Info and scroll down to Mobile DVR.
  3. One of the following should populate: HR44, HR54 or H44How to connect - In-Home registration
  4. Enable Auto Prepare:
    1. Go to setting screen > Activate the client
    2. Proceed to the settings screen
    3. Select mobile DVR
    4. Turn on the mobile DVR auto prepare option.

If you do not see the DVR version, reset the receiver by pressing and holding the red reset button located near the access card. Check the status again using the steps listed above. If you do not have a compatible DVR, click here to chat with us.


How to connect - In-Home registration

Make sure your mobile device is on the same network as the Genie. If the DVR is connected to a guest network or a wired connection, the functionality may not work. A device on Wi-Fi may not be on the same network as a the DVR if it is wired due to the internal mapping of the modem. A way to determine if the mobile device is on the same network is to use the remote function on the app to see if it controls the TV. If the app does not control the TV, the following may resolve the issues:


Go to the Genie and press the Dash key [-] on the receiver remote. You will see one of the following: 

  • Internet Connected – If internet is connected, set the External Device on your receiver to Allow
  • Internet: Never Connected or Not Detected: Check out this article to connect the receiver (DVR). Once connected, Set the External Device on your Receiver to Allow.

NoteVerify the mobile device is connected to the internet. If not, reset the modem and the device. We highly recommend downloading the latest version of the app.


Out-Of-Home Setup

If you are attempting to register a second device while out of your home network, you can do so if you have already registered a device. If not, you will have to register a device first before adding a second outside of your network. To add a second device, follow the steps below.


  1. Tablet: Select ‘Playlist’, then ‘On DVR.’

         Phone: Tap the 3 lines at the top left. Select ‘Playlist’. Select ‘On DVR.’


    2. Select “Register your iPhone/iPad/Phone/Tablet.”

    3. Edit the Device name as desired. Select ‘Add Device.’


If still having problems accessing your DVR content from outside the house, you may need to open some ports to your DVR. Here is a post that goes over it.


Hope this helps!


ChrisZ, AT&T Community Specialist 

AT&T Customer Care

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a year ago

It wont register my dvr. Have never been able to get past that point. It says finding dvr activating dvr but is never able to register dvr..



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a year ago

In general I have found that most any thing that is not working with the DTV app is helped by resetting the DVR.
Menu, Settings, Reset Options (on far right), Reset Receiver
I know reset a DVR to fix my mobile app. Well it works most of the time for me.



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6 months ago

My phone and directv are connected to the internet via wireless and on the app, it finds my receiver but when I try to register it can not locate.. how do I fix this so I can download my playlist to my phone??



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5 months ago

So frustrated with this issue happening and no help or fix from AT&T, but at least I am not the only one. As long as I have had DTV I have had this issue, and it stems from crappy app and lack of functionality for us to manage our Genie DVR registrations. My specific issue is with our DVR showing 5 registered devices (max), yet all are no longer in use and I cannot clean them up. Every few months, my mobile app takes a dump and registration is no longer valid, and trying to re-register or uninstall and re-register fails (because of max registrations). In past I have managed to get AT&T support on the phone and get it resolved within somewhat reasonable amount of time, yet they always fail to clear out all other old registrations, just the old one for my current device. However, throughout 2019 when trying for past few months of it being broken again, I just waste many many hours getting bounced around and getting nowhere. Just another pro towards cutting the cord.