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Fri, Jan 17, 2020 9:49 PM

Directv iPAD App Streaming of Record Show in home

I am having an issue will streaming of record shows while in home on my iPAD. It freezes quite frequently, sometimes after 5-10mins of watching a show and it will not let me resume unless I close the show and open it again. I cannot get through a 30min or 50min show without freezes. I have a very strong network at home and have full strength on my 5GHZ wireless on my 5th Gen iPAD running iOS 13.3 and version 5.18.003 of the iPAD app. My Genie is connected to my home network via ethernet. My internet is 1GB and I average about 940Mbps.

I do not experience this with other streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others. Only the Directv iPAD app. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, restarting my router and my DVR. I did a ping from my home PC to the DVR while streaming to my iPAD and I averaged <1ms the entire time. I also tried pinging my iPAD from my PC while streaming on the iPAD and it showed 2ms with no dropouts.

Can anyone provide any other suggestions to solving this frustrating problem?


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a month ago

Hi, @Dunkerts.


We are here to help.


How often does this happen?


Here is an article on how to troubleshoot your DTV app.


Let us know if this helps.


Marc, AT&T Community Specialist



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