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Tue, Nov 10, 2015 1:07 AM

You scammed me.

I bundled for u-verse phone and internet with Direct TV.  I was told I would get a free 3-month trial of HBO, Cinemax, etc, - and now I am being charged for them when I never signed up for them.  I called the number provided on-line (god forbid you could actually cancel something on-line) and I have now been "on hold" for 37 minutes.


I left CableOne because of poor service (primarily internet), however, they had excellent customer service.  Since going to AT&T the customer service has been horrid, from the botched initial installation set up to multiple billing issues.  After 4 months, I finally have my billing combined (I also have mobile with you) - only to find I am being charged this ludricous amount for subscription channels I never ordered.  I request someone call ME, and if I do not answer - leave a message giving me a call-back number that someone will ACTUALLY ANSWER.



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5 years ago

The 3 month trial of the premium channels are not set to automatically fall off of your account. They will continue afterward, they want you to have to call in so that they can attempt to sell it. That disclosure should have been provided to you.


This is mainly a user to user forum. You will either need to try and call again or you can click here:ATTCustomerCare and send a private message to the ATTCustomerCare team. Describe your situation and provide contact information. Their responses are not immediate.

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