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Tue, Feb 23, 2016 11:51 PM

Unauthorized addition /charge

I received a phone call last night from a Directv representative (xxx-xxx-xxxx). This rep went on and on about me being a loyal customer and being rewarded for being a loyal customer with 30 day free Showtime. After the 30 days I will be charged $13.99. He just kept going on and on and was about to hang up without me saying anything. I interrupted him to let him know that I AM NOT INTERESTED in the offer. 

He continued to go on and on and eventually hung up. The next thing I know, I have Showtime on my television AND a charge on my account.

I called DIRECTV first thing this morning, only to be told by another representative (Latoya) that Showtime CANNOT be removed from my account without ME being charged a DISCONNECT FEE!!! My phone call with the representative that added the charge, would have to be INVESTIGATED to make sure that I did not actually accept the offer. Ridiculous!!!

I would very much like to hear back from someone regarding this matter and to have this issue taken care of immediately.

S. Lister

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5 years ago

When someone calls DTV, it says this call maybe recored. I wonder when they call if that happenes.


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5 years ago

Yes, when outbound calls are made they are also recorded.


Honestly, I would try calling/chatting again as it really depends on the CSR you get.


Alternatively, you can try messaging the ATTDirecTVCare team by clicking here: ATTDirecTVCare to have them take a look into it for you. Leave your name, account number, phone number & best time to reach you, and a description of your issue. They will be able to take a look into it for you. Keep in mind they may not respond right away, so keep an eye on the blue envelope in the upcoming business days after being signed in.


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