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Sun, Dec 20, 2015 6:43 AM

paid bill over phone, directv took more money then I approved

Be careful paying over the phone, I did and instead of paying $70.19, They debited my account  $143.89. All they can say is sorry and that a refund could take up to 10 Business days. How can they take more than I approved, system even repeated $70.19 back to me. With the technology of today there is no reason it should take that long to refund my money. Directv is nothing but theives and their manager Richard employee number ***** is about the most obnoctious, snotty, arrongant person I have ever dealt with. He has no need being a manager. Actually hung up on me. I spent 1 hr 45 mins trying resolve this issue. I plan to file a report on him on Monday. He was unbelievable!!



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