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Thu, Sep 15, 2016 3:59 AM

My Direct TV Bill

I want to start off by saying that my name is Todd and the bill for which I'm filing this complaint is under the name of Imogene, my mom.
Approximately 7 months ago I called Direct TV to inform them that I wanted to cancel my service due to the fact that my buddy was programming a firestick for me and I planned on getting everything for free since Ive got an Amazon prime membership. I've been a customer of Direct since August 2011 and have ALWAYS paid my bill on time until the last two months which I will explain. The first time I contacted them to cancel the representative told me that I had always been a valued customer and asked what they could do to keep me on as a customer. I explained that it wasn't anything that they had done, I've always had excellent service as far as my screen reception being crystal clear, but that I was basing my decision off the chance to relieve myself of some debt. This particular rep laid the guilt trip on me and asked me to think about it before I went ahead and cancelled. I gave it a few days and called back determined to cancel my service and the rep I talked to was as helpful as you can get and shot me all sorts of offers but I explained the deal to her and she honored my request. Well, two weeks after having my firestick and being disappointed with it, I called Direct back up to inquire if those offers still stood. The rep I talked to offered to reconnect my service for $29.99 a month, with the NFL Sunday Package and arranged to have a technician come out to my house the following week to switch out equipment and get me set up. He asked if I preferred morning or afternoon for my appointment and I requested afternoon since I went into work at 7am and worked till 7pm. I took off work the afternoon of the scheduled appointment and nobody either showed up or called to let me know that they wouldn't be there. I made $18.00 hourly at the time and $27.00 overtime, so any time I took off was overtime. I used my annual leave for this, which paid a flat $18.00. This is where my complaint starts. I want to start out by explaining that all calls and call times after this point shouldn't even of happened if they would've honored their original offer and the technician would've showed up that day to perform the promised tasks. After no one showed up or called, I contacted Direct TV and explained what had happened and that I had took an afternoon off of work for nothing, and was told either the appointment had never been scheduled or that the technician just didn't show up or call to let me know he wouldn't be here. I explained the offer we had agreed on and they wouldn't even address it. I was quoted other figures for a monthly contract and was just under the impression that they would honor the initial offer! I was told that the equipment that I had should work just fine and that they would reconnect my service, which is what I wanted. After we got off of the phone I tried to turn on my DVR box and watch some tv and I just couldn't get it up again and kept receiving a "No Signal Message", so I called shortly after and this next call lasted 1 hour, 23 minutes and consisted of me talking to one rep who listen to me explain what had happened and after everything was said and done and I was told that he had everything taken care of and was going to transfer me to a rep who would then set up another appointment for a service technician to come to my house and perform the tasks that were promised the following week. He put me on hold to transfer me to schedule this appointment. After waiting forever, some guy picked up the phone and I explained that the previous tech had transferred me so I could set up an appointment. He had no idea what I was talking about, so I started over explained the whole situation to him. He finally transferred me to another rep and once again, I had to start all over with this rep. She was really cool and kept having me reboot my DVR and it just wouldn't fire up. I remember joking with her about the length of times of the phone calls and telling her that it had been an hour and 23 minutes. Anyway, she agreed to send out a new DVR and a box to send back with my old equipment. Later on that night I tried rebooting my DVR again and it fired up. I received both boxes and still have both packages unopened which I will send you picture of in an attachment. I was unsure whether I was supposed to unpackage the new DVR or just keep the equipment that I had and send the new one back, but figured someone from Direct would contact me, because I wasn't about to go through that runaround again over the phone and assumed that someone would call that knew what was going on and it would save God knows how much time. Long story short, no one ever called and I noticed that they had started just directly drawing my monthly fee out of my checking account again in the amount of $118.64 a month. I'm also including a scanned copy of my bill with this message. Part of this bill includes two $10 charges a month for equipment, meaning that they have been charging me for both my old equipment and the new equipment that they sent out. After two months of this, I had contacted my bank the next two months trying to get a stop payment and both months they were allowed to withdraw the $118.64 and I finally contacted my bank again and they ended up issuing me a new debit card and charging me a $20 stop payment charge. On 09/10/16, I woke up to discover that my service had been interrupted due to a past due fee of $232.28. Now, I'm sending a copy of this to both Direct TV and the FCC to explain why this bill was delinquent because I definitely don't want this to reflect poorly on my credit rating and I feel like Direct TV should be held accountable to their original offer, the time that I missed from work, and the mindless time that I spent on the phone with them getting the runaround when it should've been a one shot deal and I understand if that call takes some time, its just part of it. Now, Direct TV, should have all of this information that I've provided you documented, because I doubt any of their employees would want to risk their jobs over some guy from Oklahoma, but stranger things have happened. I would also like to include that some of Direct TV's customer reps are top notch and should recognized as such! FCC, I'm including a couple photos of those unopened packages and a photo copy of my past due bill which resulted in my service interruption.





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You may want to reach out @ATTDIRECTVCare as none of us can't do anything here.

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