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Wed, Jun 8, 2016 4:42 AM

Is this a scam!

I received a call from (866) 738-5658 today. They said they were Att and they wanted to confirm my bundle order. They asked for my pin. Since i do have an appt on Thursday. It sounded legit, but i googled the number and theres a bunch of stuff about that number being a scam. It's not coming up as a Att number. So my question is Should i be worried. Since i did give my pin.


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2 years ago

Hello.  Yes it is a Scam. 

I too received calls from this number pressuring me to cancel my new Att order and go with their better Wi-do offer.  

I said no. I didn’t trust that guy even though I had just finished a phone call with an actual Att Spvr 5 minutes earlier. I think they are being hacked and getting customers information.  They had my name and what I had just requested.  I called back and number is disconnected.  I called Att and Spvr told me to block that number.  Att does not know what to do about this.  Till then just u call them. 

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4 years ago

Hello @jennmosq1,

We recommend you chat with an online specialist who can verify your account information.  They should be able to determine if an AT&T representative left notes in your account saying they called.  They will be able to assist you from there.



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a year ago

happened to me too


they had a service address that doesnt exist anywhere else in the world so there is NO way they can know this info unless they are seeing my dtv account page